Food and Fashion of the World, Part II: Japan's Street Food and Street Fashion

As a continuation of our Food and Fashion of the World, we'll resume our look into cuisine from different parts of the world and their coinciding fashion styles. Today's country of Japan fits right in line with our site's theme of street food. The famous traditional Japanese food of sushi has clearly made it to the top of many, if not all, people's list of favorite foods; but Japanese street food is just as popular in that country and is slowly but surely making its presence known here in the U.S.

Countries within Asia continually explore a more modern world of fashion. Within Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, fashion is deemed as eclectic and modern as the ports create a sense of fashion from around the world. The world of fashion emulates that of "Street Fashion" throughout Japan. Noted in "Tokyo Street Style: Deconstructed" street fashion "is used to describe fashion where the wearer personally customizes the outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends." We all have seen the exuberant dress of Japanese youth that clearly evokes modern and eclectic styles.


Similarly, Japan's street food is widely popular and highly diverse. No where else in the world can you walk entire streets and segments of a city and be surrounded by as much street food as you can in Tokyo. Parts of Tokyo like Asakusa, Yanaka, and Ueno, are full of various street food options, that any street food lover would wish to visit.  The popularity of street food is rising throughout Japan because of some key factors that make street food the number one pick among busy families. With a large influx of women joining the workforce in Japan, there is no time for them to come home and spend hours cooking, so families are taking to the streets for some street food. Single men and women as well as those that want a casual dining experience are also taking to the streets for their next meal because of the affordable prices of street snacks that won't break budgets.

Clearly, fashion and food of Asia is embedded in the eclectic way of life. With increased globalization, one can only imagine what the styles and foods of Japan will look like in a few years. Stay tuned for our future Food and Fashion of the World features.

Photos: soul_flow and Cyndi Amaya