Food and Drink on Your Phone

The App world is taking food and drink creations by storm is becoming ever so easy for those looking to score a delicious dinner, figuring out how to create a perfect drink or becoming more nutrient conscious when grocery shopping. Food and drink apps are finding a way into the market of Smartphone's and it certainly is all the new craze.

If you are looking to become a little more conscious about what you are eating on a daily basis then the 'Fooducate' App is perfect for you. This App helps consumers make informed decisions while perusing the aisles of the grocery store. The App can be used in three easy steps, all it takes is scanning the bar code, seeing what's 'really inside' the item and learning the healthier alternatives for your delicious dinner. Fooducate allows you to "eat a little better".

Two new hip Cocktail Apps put a twist on finding the perfect cocktail for your next dinner party. 'Cocktails+' enables you to search over 2,000 new and old recipes on cocktail recipes throughout the world. You certainly can be the next pro mixologist using the Cocktails+ App today. If you are looking to take on a more mysterious liking to creating cocktails then 'The Bond Mixology' App is the one for you. Whichever cocktail you saw in any of the 23 infamous James Bond movies you certainly will be able to figure out how to create it using this App.

Finally, if you are trying to figure out what to make for your next intimate dinner party purchase the 'Food Network App'. Here you can stroll through over 45,000 recipes and decipher just how you are going to perfectly prepare all those fresh vegetables and flank steak you purchased at the market this morning.

Creating the perfect dinner party certainly could not be any easier then purchasing an App or two to assist you in being a James Bond, top-chef for the night.