Food's Healing Power

Medicine is one of modern man's top marvels. Often, it can heal you from sickness quicker than you can conjure up a batch of no-bake oatmeal raisin carrot bites. But you can also find some medicinal options just in the produce drawer of your refrigerator. Whether it's doubling up on fruit or leafy greens, you have a cornucopia of options on how to heal your aches and pains. From the influence of traditional Chinese medicine, to the healing power of foods like kudzu, mushrooms, or ginger, food can heal in many ways. Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you're feeling a little out of sorts. Food may be the solution!

* Cleanse Your Liver: The liver is vital in clearing out toxins, which can slow your body down. To help your liver out, try eating apples and citrus fruits since they promote optimal liver function. Apples have pectin, which can reduce cholesterol in the liver and citrus fruits like grapefruits have vitamin C and other good antioxidants, which can help the liver cleanse itself.

* Eat Your Vegetables: Your mom didn't tell you to eat your vegetables for nothing! Broccoli and cauliflower, which fall under the cruciferous vegetable family, contain enzymes that help flush toxins from the body. Kale, spinach, arugula and other leafy greens can also benefit your body has they are high in chlorophyll, which remove chemicals and heavy metals from the blood. They also increase bile, which aids your digestive system in removing waste from all over your body.

* Holy Whole Grains: Eat plenty of whole grains since they are rich in B-complex vitamins, which aid liver decongestion and overall function. Walnuts are also good assistants in the detox fight since they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Combine walnuts and a whole-grain such as oats in a tasty granola recipe to kill two birds with one stone!

* Probiotics Project: Try making homemade probiotics. Probiotics are basically just organisms that promote healthy life and the recipes are super easy to make!