Flavors Of Salt

Salt may get a bad rap for health reasons, but to me, it's incredible that this naturally occuring element is the basis of flavor for so many good dishes.  For a seemingly mediocre meal, add a dusting of fine sea salt and the food tastes infinitely better. A recent article from London's The Guardian explores the diversity of nature's most amazing condiment.  Whether you have a chunky, moist grey sea salt from France's Il-de-Re or cone-shaped Maldon flakes from England, it's undeniable that it enhances flavor.

Now there are salts with added flavors.  Halen Mon makes a vanilla salt, which the Guardian recommends with scallops, chocolate and in baked goods.  Of course, truffle salt would be delicious in egg dishes or pastas.  Try some truffle salt on my recipe for Wild Mushroom Grits.

Read the entire article here.