Five Inexpensive Kitchen Improvement Projects

Photo: gardener41 on flickr

It is no secret that food brings us together, whether it is sharing a meal or swapping recipe ideas with friends. And while our palates and dishes are ever evolving, our most important tool-our kitchens,-is often ignored and remains stuck in the past. Get your kitchen out of its slump by following these simple tips to improve your kitchen and better your life! While you're at it, why not also check out these great guides to making your kitchen greener and more beautiful!

  • Bringing reusable grocery bags to the supermarket or the farmers' market is the one of the first steps to living more eco-consciously, but often times we still come back home with a few stray plastic bags from herbs and produce. The talented girls at BBBcraft found a way to combat this problem by making their own miniature market bags for fresh fruit and vegetables with everyday materials. For instructions, visit BBBcraft's website.
  • Invest in a magnetic knife holder. The magnetic strip holds your knives in place out in the open, so you don't lose them in messy drawers or dull them in wooden knife blocks.
  • Lacking cabinet space? Take a page out of Julia Child's book and invest in a pegboard, either a small section or a whole wall, to hang your pots and pans. They'll be easier to find, use and put away than if you keep them stacked in a cluttered mess. Go a step further and outline each tool on the board, making for a quick and simple clean up after cooking.
  • Pegboard 2.0 - If you are already a fan of pegboard for your pots and pans, why not try a smaller section to house various knickknacks, such as keys, umbrellas or magazines. Derek and Lauren, owners of The Curiosity Shoppe installed a pegboard unit with bungee cords to hang their various food and wine magazines, a great way to get organized without having to sacrifice space or those beloved recipe ideas. For more information, click here.
  • Never lose that bottle opener again! There are a variety of magnetic bottle openers that will stick right onto your fridge, great for easy access and easy clean up. Not in the mood to spend? Magnetic strips can be found at any pharmacy or craft store and can be easily attached to the back of an opener with crazy glue.

What are your inexpensive kitchen improvement tips? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: gardener41