Five Great Food-Finding Apps

Mobile technology has made it so easy to find the food you're craving. Check out this list of Five Food-Finding apps for mobile devices to help you discover your new favorite way to find food in your city. 1. Urbanspoon (free) iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Urbanspoon is a location-based app that provides info on city eats. It definitely has seniority - it's been around since the iPhone App Store launched in 2008. Urbanspoon is great for the coin-flippers among us because of its "shake" feature; if you often have trouble deciding where to eat, you can shake your phone to get a random restaurant selection. For those who need more information to make a tricky food-related decision, Urbanspoon also provides user and critic reviews, as well as featured blog posts on its restaurant profiles.

2. LocalEats (99¢) iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android (free) LocalEats provides users with the best local restaurants in major US cities. This app's largest benefit is that it only offers information about local establishments - no national chains or fast-food giants. It also provides a variety of search filters including price, hours, vegetarian-friendly, and more. It's a great app for travelers who are looking to experience the best places to eat that are unique to a city, or eaters who want to get to know their own local cuisine.

3. Yelp (free) iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre Yelp started out as a web-based application and has since moved to a variety of mobile platforms. It provides the broadest range of listed restaurants, making it easy to find information for dining in small towns as well as big cities - it even shows international search results so you can find the best baguette in Paris, France or Paris, Texas. Reviews and star ratings on Yelp are all provided by fellow Yelp users.

4. Zagat to Go ($9.99) iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre While the Zagat to Go app may seem pricey, it costs less than the price of one Zagat book (usually listed for $15.95) and provides users with the content of 45 different city guides, including information on all of Zagat's rated restaurants. The best part about this app is that it can be used in offline mode, meaning that when you don't have 3G service or WiFi on your mobile device, you can still view its content. It also provides the ability to search and filter results and view "Best Of" lists like Best Burgers and Best Buys.

5. Eat Street (free) iPhone, iPad Eat Street is a free app produced by Food Network that helps users locate the best food trucks and street food in their city. The app is GPS-enabled and shows map locations for both mobile trucks and stationary food carts in major US cities, though the listings for stationary carts are more reliable. There are also profiles for each vendor that list menus and Twitter contact information, which can be useful for locating mobile trucks on the go. You can also view specials and deals for particular vendors.

What are some of your favorite food apps?