Five Favorites I'm Looking Forward To

With so many great events coming up (Macy's Food Truck Tour, Harlem Week, and the end of summer festivities) there are so many things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks. Here are my five favorites that I am excited for:

1) Crayfish season! I love crayfish and can't wait to feature it on our menu at Red Rooster in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for when we feature this incredible tasting crustacean!

2)Two more weeks until soccer season starts in Europe. Every year, Europe is absorbed in football fervor from August to May. Since I'm such a huge fan of soccer, I can't wait to start celebrating the season.

3)New York menus to be flooded with corn and tomatoes. As corn and tomatoes become more available, I can't wait to see the various dishes the many New York restaurants will come up with. We'll be featuring our own tomato soup at Red Rooster during Harlem week. Check back a little later for our special Harlem Week menu!

4)Kelly Rowland's new album "Here I Am" that was just released. Kelly was at the Rooster the other day to film with me for Centric TV and I'm looking forward to hearing her new album.

5)All the street food in Amsterdam! I'm traveling to Europe for a couple weeks with my lovely wife Maya and one stop will be Amsterdam. I'm excited to try the different styles of street food that this great city has to offer!

I also can't wait to share with you all the great events and places to visit during Harlem Week. Check back with us to see what fun festivities Harlem has to offer.