Five Favorite Finds From Sweden

I love to bring back tokens with me whenever I travel. Buying artisanal gifts help you remember all the different cultures you encounter when you travel as well as make for unique gifts for friends that can't be found anywhere else.

I just got back from Sweden and I brought back a few gifts for our Rooster Wall. Stop by and see if you can find them on our wall. Here's what I brought back with me this time...

You can't travel through Sweden without encountering the Dalecarlian Horse or the Dala Horse. It is known as the symbol of Sweden and can be seen from children's toys to statues all throughout Sweden. I found a flat wall version of the horse on my last trip.

Ginger, or ingefara in Swedish, is used a lot in our cooking and I found a great little old-fashioned ginger ceramic holder. We use a lot of these ceramic jars to hold different herbs, spices, and condiments and this one especially for ginger was a great find.

Copper and metal molds are also very popular in Sweden. We use molds for everything from gelatin desserts to baking. I found two great metal molds; one shaped like a melon and the other like another great Swedish tradition- the crayfish.

My last cool find was an old-fashioned recorder. All of my finds are now up on the wall...see if you can find them on your next visit!

What are your favorite foreign finds?

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