Five Delicious Iced Tea Flavor Combinations


Nothing says summer time quite like dinner from the grill paired with homemade iced tea. To get an early start on summer, here are some tasty iced tea flavor combinations to keep in mind next time you have a barbecue, maybe even for Memorial Day!

Check out our roundup of five great recipes around the web for this summer's go-to drink. 

* Iced Calamansi Tea: Popular in Malaysia, this lime-inflected iced tea is a perfect late-afternoon refresher. (Table For 2 or More)

* Lemonade Mint Iced Tea: This minty take on an Arnold Palmer could this summer's poolside beverage. (Framed Cooks)

* Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte: If you need a caffienated pick-me-up with lunch, try this Korean-influenced cold latte. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream, it's almost dessert! (Girl Cooks World)

* Proper Iced Tea: If you have a French press, this classic iced tea recipe is for you. Brewed strong, this could replace your morning coffee on steamy summer days. (Something Edible)

* Sun Tea: Try steeping your tea in this energy efficient way. Sun tea brews while you're at work, so you can come home to a refreshing beverage. The tea will be ready to go within a few hours. Just pour it over ice and serve.

What's your favorite kind of iced tea?

Photo: stevendepolo on flickr