Five Brewery Tours for Fathers' Day

Does a well-poured draft beer make your dad's heart beat faster? Are hops, brews, and steins frequent conversation topics in your house? For any beer-lover, a brewery tour offers an inside look into one of the world's oldest and most delicious beverages. For an extra-special Fathers' Day activity, take him to see where the magic is made!

Many breweries across the country offer tours of their operations for the public. And even if you don't make it there for Fathers' Day, keep these places in mind for future outings. Or, simply pick up a six-pack and pour a bottle into the batter for easy-to-make Whole-Wheat Cinnamon Raison Honey Beer Bread or into a Summer Shandy cocktail.  No matter how you use the beer you buy, a tour will be worth your while.  Here are five great breweries that offer tours.

Blue Point Brewery: Long Island, New York - Long Island's only microbrewery was founded in 1998 by two friends who wanted to bring the art of microbrewery to the area. By collecting different brewing equipment from around the country, Blue Point Brewery has been able to create very unique flavors for each of their 20 different beers. Blue Point only offers guided tours on Saturdays, but the Brewery and its Tasting Room are open Thursday to Saturday until 7pm. Visit Blue Point Brewery's website for more information.

Brooklyn Brewery: Brooklyn, New York - A brewery and brand that is steadily growing in popularity, the Brooklyn Brewery has undergone a recent expansion that has allowed the brewery to offer various guided tours of its facilities in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. Besides the popular year-round offerings like Brooklyn Lager, East India Pale Ale, and Pennant Ale, the Brooklyn Brewery also produces several seasonal variations. On weeknights, the brewery offers in-depth tours and tasting for $8 a person and more laid-back, free tours on the weekends. For more information on tours, visit Brooklyn Brewery's website.

Summit Brewery: St. Paul, Minnesota - A few years ago, the private, employee-owned Summit Brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota became so popular that it had to relocate its operations to a newer facility that could accommodate the 80,000 barrels being produced every year. A small team of dedicated brewers works to create traditionally inspired flavors that have become favorites in the 17 states where they are sold. Because of high popularity, reservations are required for brewery tours, which are offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. To tour Summit Brewery, check out their website.

Deschutes Brewery: Bend, Oregon - One of the largest craft and overall breweries in the country, Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988 and has since grown its operations to produce 205,000 barrels a year. The privately owned company also has plans to expand even further and add another 105,000 barrels to its yearly output. But even with so much growth, the brewery has remained committed to creating a "lineup of high-risk, high-reward beers." Deschutes offers four free, guided tours in the afternoons of every day of the week. For tour information and more go to the Deschutes Brewery website.

Sierra Nevada: Chico, California - Sierra Nevada's flagship Pale Ale is the second best selling craft beer in the country, so you know these guys are doing something right. The Sierra Nevada Brewery is over 30 years old and has been produced numerous California inspired year-round and seasonal beers. The brewery offers multiple free, guided tours everyday that promise to teach you more about how this California favorite pumps out a whopping 780,000 barrels each year. The Sierra Nevada website has more information for your visit.