First Lady Obama Visits Texas School as Part of Healthy Food Campaign

By: Justin Chan

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama joined several Top Chef celebrity chefs to promote healthy eating in Dallas. According to D Magazine, Obama made an appearance at the Kleberg-Rylie Recreation Center to promote her project Let's Move. The initiative, which the First Lady proposed two years ago, focuses on battling obesity. Obama has been involved in several projects that aim to provide healthier food for children.

"Healthy food can be good and delicious too," she told a group of students from Nancy Moseley Elementary School. "And that's what we're going to learn today." The event featured a cooking competition among several of BRAVO's Top Chefs and some of the students. Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin also took part in the event. Split into three teams, each team was required to design a meal that was both nutritious and delicious. Obama, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and White House chef Sam Kass served as judges.

"As everybody here knows, this challenge is run by the Department of Agriculture, or the USDA as we call it," Obama said. "And it recognizes schools that meet the highest national standards for nutrition and physical activity - the highest standards."

The red team featured chefs Paul Qui and Grayson Schmitz, Ware and two students. They made turkey bacon tacos with fresh baby tortillas. They also served the First Lady quinoa and slaw. "A lot of flavor for healthy food but doesn't taste like it," Colicchio remarked.

The white team consisted of chefs Spike Mendelssohn and Jenn Carroll, Miles Austin and two students. The gang made smoked pork chops with apple sauce, sweet potato and greek yogurt with whole wheat pita chips, earning some praise from Colicchio and Obama. "Flavors were good and not too seasoned," said Colicchio.

The final group - the blue team - included Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray and two students. The team made spiced turkey tenderloin, carrots, peas and, interestingly enough, chocolate pudding without chocolate in it.

At the end of the day, Obama announced all three teams as winners of the cooking challenge. She didn't leave, however, without commending Nancy Moseley Elementary School for meeting the highest levels of food standards. "Right here in Dallas, more than 150 schools have been recognized in this challenge. That includes 78 schools that have earned Gold Awards, which go to schools that meet the highest levels of standards," she said. "And that's more than any other school district in the entire country. Did you hear that? Dallas, you have more Gold schools in this district than anywhere in the country. And that includes schools like Nancy Moseley Elementary School!"

Photos: North Dallas Gazette

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