Female Mixologists Are Transforming The Scene

Mixology isn't reserved for men anymore. In her article "Women find a place in the craft cocktail movement," Jessica Gelt writes that the mixology movement displaced women from behind the bar. "But today, the sight of a woman drizzling aromatic basil oil into a gin drink or rinsing a martini glass with absinthe has become increasingly common."

Although women remain disproportionately few in bartender ranks, the tide is turning. Female mixologists like Zahra Bates, Jennifer Contraveos, and Naomi Schimek are transforming the scene. Schimek focuses on using herbs and aromatics in her cocktails, finding ingredients like wild fennel, dandelions, and borage flowers in the wild. Gelt's list of female cocktail innovators also includes Nikki Sunseri, Danielle Crouch, Brent Falco, and Devon Tarby. Tarby works at Varnish under the guidance of Eric Alperin. Eventually, he intends to teach all his cocktail waitresses to be bartenders.

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