'Feeding The Dream' on MLK Day

While in some areas of the country, Martin Luther King Day simply rolls by as a day off from school and work, this will not be the case for the city of Granville, Ohio. Instead this small town is celebrating this momentous holiday by participating in the community's first 'Feed The Dream' project that hosts a city-wide food drive for the less fortunate.

When the MLK Day of Service was instituted by President Obama upon taking office, its intention was to increase civic engagement throughout the nation with one of the greatest civil rights activists in mind. The community of Granville took this challenge one step further by rallying together various community organizations to help feed the most discriminated group of our time- the poor.

Granville schools, Granville Area Chamber of Commerce, Granville Public Library, Denison University and its Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, the Village Offices and Girls Scout Troop 524 are just a few of the organizations, groups and businesses that made a commitment to the "Feed The Dream" project. Even the public library is offering "Food For Fines" where patrons can bring in food donations and their late fees will be waived. Students from various schools also gathered during last week to decorate paper bags to hold the community donations.

All of these community efforts are proof that the President's call to service was well received and answered in many communities. Every civic engagement project not only continues Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy but also perpetuates that his mission and message was worth the fight, since we are still working to help all discriminated groups, including the hungry.

For a list of community events going on in your area today for the MLK Day of Service, visit President Obama's website here. 

Photo: U.S. Embassy New Delhi

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