Fear of Baking

Overcome Your Fear Of Baking

Joanne Chang, chef/owner of Flour Bakery + Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts, has written a delightful article about how to overcome a fear of baking.  Especially at this time of the year, you might be planning to bake a cake and feel afraid about messing it up to the dismay of your guests.  Chang breaks the common fears of baking down into humorous anecdotes that inspired me to try something grandiose this holiday season.

Chang's main concern is that intimidated bakers follow the recipe.  The authors have done the 'heavy lifting' for you, making it all the more accessible.  Unlike savory cooking, which can be more flexible, recipes for cakes, cookies and the like are less flexible.  Follow the steps, and take the time to concentrate on the recipe, she says.  She compares following a recipe to following the GPS in your car, warning that while the voice in your car will recalculate if you make a wrong term, you cannot do the same if you neglect the recipe's guidelines.

Despite offering strict guidance for novice and experienced bakers alike, she comforts those who might have made an error: "Remember as well that one of the great things about baking is that if you make a mistake the result is usually still edible and even quite good. Unless you've totally burnt your cookies or added salt instead of sugar into your cake...you will likely end up with something that be fashioned into a new dessert that you can serve proudly to unsuspecting friends and family."

Well said, Joanne!

Read her entire humorous and encouraging article here.