Fashion That Changes Lives

We all know there are those in the world who are suffering because of high poverty levels and poor economic times; but thankfully, there are companies who are ready to change that all. Companies around the globe have been devising and implementing plans to create unique pieces of clothing, accessories, and footwear to enhance the lives of those less fortunate. Sustainability is also the new fashion craze, and many clothing companies are not only looking for ways to be environmentally sustainable, but also in ways to help sustain people throughout the world as well.

The multiple lines vow to create a better life through the "one-for-one" concept (where one item of clothing or necessity is given to someone in need when one is purchased by another) or by providing work for people throughout lesser developed countries. One company after another latched onto this idea and the concept certainly has exploded as the public is starting to understand just how a simple hat or pair of shoes can change someone's life dramatically. With the simple concept of giving back to the world, many are beginning to wonder why hasn't this been done ages ago?

A clothing line we recently featured, Edun, is just one initiative to change the world. Edun is a clothing line aimed at building economic development and focusing on sustainability in Africa. Other fashion lines have followed suit by benefitting the less fortunate in one way or another. Here is a list of just a few companies that are worth taking a look if you not only want to dress in style, but want to help the world while doing so.

Krochet Kids International: Krochet Kids International focuses on the mantra of "Buy a hat. Change a Life." They look to sustainable living through providing Northern Uganda families with an opportunity to break free from spending their lives in government camps. Krochet Kids International has developed a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment. When you buy a hat from them you are not only keeping your head warm, but are changing a life.

Toms Shoes: Toms has created a "One for One Movement" where with every pair of TOMS shoes or TOMS eyewear you purchase, they provide a child in need with a pair of shoes or prescription glasses. Having seen that many children in developing countries often go barefoot, the company was founded on ensuring children had comfortable shoes to wear in order to prevent soil-transmitted diseases among them, which are very prevalent in developing countries. The one for one movement is ever so strong and continues to shine through other companies as well.

Warby Parker: Warby Parker was developed as an initiative to create "eyewear with a purpose". With prescription eyewear for under $100, the company has crafted 27 unique styles that focus on the fashion forward way of thinking with a vintage-inspired twist. For every pair of eyeglasses purchased through Warby Parker, a pair of prescription eyeglasses is donated to someone in need.

Reach Clothing: 2 Reach and Be Reached is the mantra Reach Clothing and creator Tyson Baker, vow by. Tyson was moved by seeing homeless people with a limited amount of clothing; that's why when you buy a t-shirt from Reach Clothing, a t-shirt will be donated to someone in need. It truly is that simple.

Howies: Howies focuses on developing high quality products that will not only last long, but will be functional for the outdoors lover inside of you. The company looks towards the earth when creating products and does so in a sustainable manner using only eco-friendly products. Howies pledges to give 1% of their turnover or 10% of pre-tax profits to grass-roots environmental and social projects around the world. The company is still growing and will continue to give more to sustainable projects as they grow.

Do you wear anything that creates a sustainable world?

Photo: OhNo!Doom Collective