Exercising With Diabetes

For many people with diabetes, exercise can be a tricky activity to navigate. Blood sugar needs to be regulated, which is an extra challenge for those who want to play sports, from amateur to professional athlete. A recent post on SportsAndFood.com by Thomas Emerick details the "balancing act" of wanting to play sports, but always having to monitor and adjust food and drink intake.

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you have to know intimately what you eat, and check your insulin levels frequently. Even though he ate a sandwich for lunch, a power bar before the match, it was downing a 16-ounce Gatorade that led to vomiting five minutes into his match.

"It's a tricky tension," Emerick writes, "naviagting the ground between high and low to maximize a diabetic's ability to streak through a gap in the defense." Many athletes have diabetes, and it is a question of "finding the right food to run on" which makes exercising possible.

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