Exciting Times To Be Eating Lobster

In Maine, the waters are surging with lobsters. This year, Maine reported its largest lobster hall on record. The New York Times writes that unusually warm water helped lobsters molt, or shed their skin, earlier in the year. By early July, many lobsters were big enough to catch. But for every lobster that goes to a restaurant or supermarket, three go back to the sea for conservation purposes. Over the last 15 years, Maine's lobster population has been booming.

In 2009, the financial crisis brought the price of lobsters way down, making it easy for restaurants like Ruby Tuesday and Panera to innovate. Now, lobster prices are again on the rise, meaning big profits for Maine's 4,260 lobstermen.

This is an exciting time to be eating lobster. At Red Rooster we've just added a new lobster salad with pistachios and Asian pear to our menu. And, if you're not in NYC or want a home-cooked meal, you can make lobster rolls for an easy but luxurious weekend dinner.

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