Exceptional Canned Holiday Fish

During Christmas time in Sweden, guests often drop by in the evenings for a warm mug of glogg and a small snack. This could range from an open-faced sandwich to crisp gingersnap cookies. I always loved this tradition of opening the house to friends and family, and have brought my love for hosting to my life in the US. One of the pantry staples I keep around is canned fish. Boquerones, Spanish sardines, are great for topping slices of baguette soaked with tomato water, and high-quality canned tuna makes for a delicious impromptu tuna melt. The Wall Street Journal has taken the time to list exceptional canned fish in each of five categories: anchovies, sardines, American tuna, mackerel, and European tuna. Any of these would be great for unexpected holiday visitors.

Read about the recommendations for the best canned fish here.