Enjoy Life To The Fullest

We all know what an impact our nutritional intake can have on our health, but some elderly gourmands out there are disregarding the doctor's advice in order to make the most out of their elderly years. Cherry cobbler for breakfast, barbecues ten times a year, and indulging in a sour cream dessert bar are just a few of the examples highlighted in this charming New York Times article. In the face of threatened health and old age, some are seizing the moment -- in the form of an extra dessert as dinner or a few cocktails with old friends.

The recently released USDA Dietary Guidelines, contains the suggestion that  older folk cut down on sodium to less than half the level of younger adults. Mary Pyland, 92, might not buy into that advice, but she does believe in maintaining her tradition of lavish fried-chicken Sunday night meals that she used to share with her husband when he was alive.

Barbara Hillary was the first African-American woman on record to stand on both the North and South poles insisted on guzzling chocolate milk the whole trip to the South Pole at age 79. Her justification: "If I had frozen to death down there, wouldn't it be sad if I'd gone to hell without getting what I want?"

Though luxurious eating may not be what the doctor decrees, it may just be what the soul craves.  Feeling the need to indulge your own sweet tooth?  Make some Butterscotch Pudding or an Olive Oil and Clementine Cake.

To hear more, read the full New York Times article.