Ending Hunger With Just A Click of A Mouse

By: Cyndi Amaya

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many of us are planning what to prepare for that momentous family meal. The menu, guest list, and decorations may be clouting or minds as we start to plan for the biggest meal of the year. While this one meal can weigh heavy on our minds, one meal also weighs very heavy for over 50 million Americans every day- their next meal. Right now, over 50 million Americans -- including 17 million children -- are struggling with hunger because of rising food prices, unemployment woes, and other factors issues rising food insecurity.

While we constantly hear about hunger issues and famine throughout the world in places like Africa, we often forget that those same hunger issues are plaguing our own backyard. As Americans we have a lot to be thankful for; the fact that the country has a whole day off for family and friends to share just one meal. That event alone says a lot about our culture, our per capita, everything. But most importantly, as much as our culture can be ridiculed for our obsession with food, Thanksgiving does highlight our need for goodwill, companionship, and family. Goodwill in particular, since we have a lot as Americans, we also give a lot.

Often times we see charity as a time-consuming and tedious task that can't often be fit into our hectic schedules. But what if I told you that you could help fight hunger with just the daily click of your mouse? The Hunger Site is part of the GreaterGood Network which has given more than $20 million to non-profit charities around the world since 1999. What's most impressive is that they've achieved this through a simple action that most Americans partake of each day, clicking your mouse. With just one click of your mouse on their website, www.thehungersite.com, you can provide food for the less fortunate. How is this possible? When an individual visits TheHungerSite.com and clicks their "Click here to give-It's free" button, site sponsors and advertisers then donate money that goes to provide food for those in need. According to HungerSite.com, "the staple food funded by clicks at The Hunger Site is paid for by site sponsors and distributed to those in need by Mercy Corps, Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest), and Millennium Promise.100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners. Funds are split between these organizations and go to the aid of hungry people in over 74 countries, including those in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America."

So take a moment from browsing that guest list and recipes and check out TheHungerSite.com and the other causes associated with the GreaterGood Network. With just one click, you can help those going hungry, not just during this Holiday season, but every day of the year!

How are you giving back this Thanksgiving?

Photo: Jonathan_W

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