Edun's Pioneers Project

Since 2005, Ali Hewson and U2's Bono, have been not only leading in the world of fashion with their clothing line Edun, but have also been inspiring others to help develop trading in Africa. To this day, Edun still works with the belief that style should have substance while it brings work and growth in Africa.To help bring attention to some supporters of Edun and their mission, Edun's Fall/Winter 2011 Men's Wear Campaign took a different approach by featuring 12 stylish men and their own missions within the community. Edun's "Pioneers" Campaign highlight 12 "social entrepreneurs that are effecting change in business, the arts, and the environment."

I have the pleasure of being featured in their "Pioneers" Campaign and I hold it as a true honor since I sincerely admire Edun's mission, as well as their clothing. I encourage everyone to check out Edun's Fall/Winter line and what they are all about. To read more about Edun, click here.

Check out the video below for a peek at Edun's Pioneers Campaign:

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Photo: luce_beaulieu