Edible Manhattan Article by Lisa McLaughlin

As a chef, I have spent my whole professional life working with my hands on a daily basis.  I'm excited to see that so many people are moving from traditional work to craft-based food jobs.  In this month's Edible Manhattan, amazing food writer Lisa McLaughlin chronicles artisan food startups.  She highlights the difficulties of letting go of cash stability and the ultimately rewarding decision to work with your own hands. People's Pops founder Nathalie Jordi has garnered attention for her creative Popsicle flavors, but she got there through hard work and perseverance.  Nekisia Davis, of Early Bird Granola, says her life is granola all the time, she even smells like it!  But for all these startups, the rewards are worth it.  As Bret Birnbaum of Wine Cellar said, it's difficult to market beyond the grassroots following he's developed in his native New York.  But getting positive feedback is what it's all about.  I wish all these intrepid food makers good luck!

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