Eating Vegetarian

Since the New Year, I've been thinking a lot about eating vegetarian. Creating a new menu for a new restaurant takes a lot of work, and one of the most important things for me is making sure there are delicious meat-free dishes. I like to eat vegetarian once or twice a week, and it's important to me that the options are there. Living a vegetarian lifestyle, or eating a meat-free meal is not just about abstaining from animal products, it's about connecting with what you eat, and making conscious decisions about food.

It doesn't have to be a label, or even a strict pronouncement, it's a simple as eating a vegetarian meal once or twice a week. Reducing meat consumption has many benefits, for your health, for the planet, and for personal appreciation.

Great vegetarian cuisine doesn't make me think about meat. When I take a bite of an eggplant lasagna, I'm not thinking about turkey. Filling, flavorful food can be just as delicious as a cheeseburger.

Try these vegetarian recipes for a delicious meat-free meal this week and check back on Wednesday's for my vegetarian column:

Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese Vinaigrette, Avocado-Banana Smoothie, Noodles with Sambal Oelek, Cauliflower Fritters, Chunky Mashed Vegetables and Corn Mashed Potatoes.