Eating Only McDonald's Before Running

For Joe D'Amico, running a 2 hour, 36 minute marathon wasn't tough enough. He needed to up the ante. So he decided to eat only McDonald's for 30 days before the race. On his blog McRunner, D'Amico recorded his journey and raised nearly $30,000 for the Ronald McDonald House. D'Amico claims that his foray into an exclusively McDonald's diet is not an attempt to prove or disprove any political or nutritional theories-he just wanted to conduct an experiment and raise money for charity. Over the course of the 30 days, D'Amico ate dozens of hotcakes, cookies, and hamburgers.

Still, he reported feeling good throughout his training; his cholesterol and blood pressure even dropped at the end of the McDonald's diet. D'Amico focused on meeting his basic protein, carbohydrate, and fat needs, and in the process learned a lot about how his body responds to different kinds of nutrition during training.

At the Los Angeles marathon, D'Amico finished in 2:36:13, 29th place and a personal best. He continues to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, and emphasizes that he doesn't endorse the McDonald's diet. Ultimately, it was an experiment intended to draw attention to nutritional choice, balance, and the importance of exercise. Read more about the McRunner story here. To learn about eating right during running season, click here.