Eating Off the Street in Austin, Texas

Street Food By Julia Burgi

Mobile food vending is not a phenomenon isolated to New York City. Some other American cities that are doing an awesome job of fostering street food culture! 

A friend recently went to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest festivities and came back with what I thought could only be a tall tale: trailer parks filled with food trucks, sparkling strands of lights, and seating areas. Could this possibly be true?

There are food-oriented trailer parks both in East and South Austin. Many of the vendors serve dishes that are nexus between cultures and ethnicities, while others are just downright creative. East Austin Trailer Park and Eatery, known locally as E.A.T., is home to a wide variety of vendors: Beso de Luna, meaning "kiss of the moon," which serves tacos, tamales, and agues frescas; Upscale Slider Guys, who make mini burgers, A Little Dippy Donut Company, who dole out donuts with a choice of icings to dip into.

South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery hosts Torchy's Tacos, a vendor of over 20 cleverly-named taco types; Man Bites Dog, a hot dog stand with an incredible array of dog types and toppings, including multiple relishes; and Holy Cacao, a dessert cart with cake balls, hot and cold chocolate drinks, and even s'mores!

One of the coolest parts of street food here is that it has become a common ground between food and the arts - some of these parks have wireless Internet access, seating areas, and even host movie screenings and art fairs. Prepare yourself for an adventure. With the breadth of mobile food vendors that Austin is known for, it's not difficult to find something new and tasty right around the corner!