Eating and Food Culture around the world

I've been incredibly lucky to travel to many places around the world.  From Cape Town, South Africa to the coast of Morocco, I've eaten delicious foods that encapsulate the place and its cultures.  In the US, I've been lucky to try great barbecue in Texas, street food in Chinatown, and incredible burgers all around.  More recently, I was in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, where fondue reigns king. It's not just the food that defines the culture of eating in a place, but also the customs and manners.  Some manners may seems strange or offensive to outsiders, but there's often a reason behind a gesture or habit.

Eating with locals when you travel is a way to "set you apart from tourists," says The Daily Meal. Though it can be uncomfortable navigating the differences between your customs and those of the country you're visiting, learning about how the locals eat is inevitably rewarding.

Check out The Daily Meal's informative slideshow about global customs to learn about how 10 different countries eat.