Eat More Salads Easier

If your New Year's Resolutions this year included eating more salads, an article from Serious Eats lines out all the steps to make eating more vegetables and leafy greens doable this year. Instead of washing the lettuce each time you want to eat salad, the author, Carolyn Cope suggests washing the entire batch of various greens and leaves at the beginning of the week.  Then store the washed and dried lettuce in a plastic bag for easy salad fixings at any time the desire strikes.

Here is her method:

*      "Hearty winter leaves like radicchio, endive, and lacinato kale make for a salad with both personality and longevity, but any greens that are not too fragile should hold up for a week.

*      Chop or tear them into bite-sized pieces and add to the bottom your salad spinner basket. Slice up some carrots, radishes, a bit of red onion, or whatever other hearty vegetables you like in your salad, and add them to the spinner basket, too.

*      Place the basket in the bowl of the spinner, fill it with cold water, and jostle it all around for 30 seconds.

*      Then drain the water, spin the salad completely dry, and bag that baby. Store it in the fridge and serve with your favorite dressing whenever the mood strikes."

I love her easy and simple way to stay healthy for the New Year!

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