Eat Healthily by Cooking with Every Color

Making healthy dishes more interesting and eye-pleasing is a surefire way to ensure that we will not only eat food that is good for us, but that we enjoy it wholeheartedly too! Foods with deep hues have a lot of nutrients, from dark green kale leaves to sunny orange slices. Eating a bit of the rainbow makes for a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner, check out our guide below!

Soups and smoothies are an easy way to incorporate color into your diet. Salads, too, can get a shot of color by incorporating fruits and unconventional veggies, such as beets and rainbow chard, making for a mouth-watering and eye catching meal.

- Red - Certain red foods contain the chemical lycopene that can be beneficial in preventing certain disease, cancers and even diabetes. Try this great whole-wheat strawberry cake and reap the jewel-toned benefits! - Orange - Orange foods contain beta-carotene, which protects our vision and our immune system. Put that good vision to good use and check out this tasty sweet potato and kiwi soup recipe. - Yellow - Lutein, found in egg yolks and sweet corn, aids in vision and keep our cardiovascular system healthy. Swap your regular sandwich with this easy-to-make egg salad recipe or add corn to your favorite salad recipe. - Green - In addition to the essential dietary fiber they provide, green foods also contain lutein and beta-carotene for healthy vision and internal systems. Check out this great guide to seasonal greens to help plan your next salad. - Blue - Many blue foods contain important antioxidants and anti-inflammatories may prevent certain cancers. Make those berries last by following this helpful guide to storing your fruit. - Purple - The anthocyanins in some foods give them their purple coloring, but eating them may provide you with important defenses against bacterial infections, diabetes and even aging! Thankfully, eggplant season is finally here, so stock up on these important veggies for a healthier, more colorful lifestyle.

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What are your favorite colorful edible combinations?