Drinks That Pack on the Pounds and Their Alternatives

By: Cyndi Amaya

We all know that alcohol can be your greatest downfall when it comes to staying on that diet. While we can survive a whole day by just eating salad and oatmeal, something just stops us from having that same good sense to say no to the two, ok maybe three, margaritas during Friday's happy hour. What we should be doing is juicing instead of boozing, sometimes you do need something to help keep the edge off and it's OK to indulge a little on a rest day.

While all alcohol is basically fermented sugar water and can ruin your weight-loss goals, there are some alcoholic beverages that are more dangerous than others for your waistline. So if you're going to drink but still want to keep on your fitness goals, it's important to know which booze in particular to avoid.

Not too long ago, Mademan.com released their list of seven drinks that make you fat, and here's their input to what drinks you should avoid:

1) Anything and Tonic: Tonic water alone boasts over 90 calories per serving and 22 grams of sugar. Add vodka, and three vodka tonics quickly hit you with close to 550 calories. Look to club soda as a healthier alternative.

2) Jack and Coke: Whether you drink it as a mixer or by itself is a bad idea. If you want to order whiskey, order it neat or with a splash of club soda or water with your Jack.

3) Dark Beers: If you want to stay fit, avoid going over to the dark side. While dark beers do carry more flavor, they also carry extra calories, with the famous Guinness coming in close to 200 calories per pint.

4) Energy Drinks: While you think you can beat the downing effect of alcohol by mixing it with an energy drink, you're actually doubling your drink's caloric value. Energy literally means "calories" so if you don't want more, lay off the extra energy.

5) Malt Liquor Energy Blends: Even scarier than consuming something with a name like Four Loko, is drinking a can full of sugar, cheap malt, high fructose corn syrup and who knows what else! If it sounds like a bad idea, just avoid it!

6) Margaritas: Say it ain't so! But yes, Margaritas are chockfull of calories. Especially those giant fish bowl-sized ones. With 3 ounces of tequila and 3 ounces of triple sec, that's close to 500 calories per drink, and on top of that you're still eating tacos... a definite no-no!

7) Long Island Ice Teas: Just one of nifty drinks holds up to 700 calories! So unless you want to start walking from Long Island to work to burn the extra calories, we suggest you stop drinking these all together!

So what else am I supposed to drink to get in that happy mood on the weekends or my day of diet rest? Here are a couple more tips to cutting the calories, while you drink. While you're at it, also read on How To Avoid a Hangover here.

- Choose wine, light beer, or simple or neat cocktails. These carry less calories, in case you want to have more than one.

- Try infused liquors and skip the mixer all together. House-infused liquors come in all sorts of different flavors and now many high-end restaurants are now adding them to their menus.

What are your alcohol alternatives while on a diet?

Photo: erik jaeger

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