Don't Panic! Turn Your Leftovers Into A Soup

When you're stuck with a bunch of produce in your fridge about to pass their prime, don't panic! There are delicious and simple options for you in the form of soup. You could turn them into leftover soup or try one of Mark Bittman's four varieties of no-recipe soup: creamy, brothy, earthy, and hearty. Famed recipe-writer and now op-ed columnist for the New York Times Mark Bittman dishes out advice on how to create the most optimal soup to satisfy your palate with the ingredients you already have.

With the four types of soup he puts forward, and the requisite of easy prep and low maintenance, he covers the bases with several different recipe templates to follow with your choice of vegetables. We certainly agree!

For a Creamy soup, try this recipe for Roasted Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup or dairy-free Five Ingredient Tomato Basil Soup. To satisfy your craving for Broth, try crafting your own Vegetable Stock.  Marcus' Yummy Lentil soup will certainly fulfill need for an Earthy soup or for a Hearty bowl of deliciousness, try his Veggie Soup.