Donna Hay: Fast, Easy and Simple Recipes

You have heard of Martha Stewart but have you heard of Donna Hay? Lauded in Australia for her light-filled magazines and cookbooks, and her no-fuss, accessible food, Donna Hay has a new cookbook, focusing on fast, easy, and simple recipes. Aptly titled Fast, Fresh, Simple, Hay has created recipes for the time-challenged cook. It's not just an Australian problem, the modern world has cooks time-strapped worldwide.

In the process of updating classics to make them fast, or simple, Hay additionally created a healthier set of recipes. The book includes a lighter version of pasta carbonara, and a pumpkin soup recipe that is quick and easy, calling for only roasting the pumpkin with onion, and then pureeing.

Hay is not against using shortcuts, which she believes will motivate busy cooks to make time for the kitchen. Mixing store bought with fresh ingredients is a more doable approach in contemporary times. Sounds like more than Australians will benefit from Hay's techniques.

Read more about Hay's new cookbook here.