Dish Recommendation: Poblano Pepper

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Julia Burgi

Chicago, the windy city, has been on foodies' radars for a while for temples of grand cuisine like Charlie Trotter's, and Alinea. What also makes this city a great food destination, though, is the diverse immigrant populations that brought their food with them from their places of origin.

Chicago's Pink Line takes you right to 18th street, the heart of historical Mexican neighborhood Pilsen. This area has an array of Mexican restaurants to choose from with a wide range in price and quality, but a favorite that champions both in price and quality is Nuevo Leon.

Nuevo Leon has been trusted by Chicagoans for over 40 years to deliver the best Mexican food around. Their extensive menu, yet standard preparation every time, never disappoints. Though it's a tough choice, one of the best options is the Chile Relleno de Queso.

A large Poblano pepper is stuffed with melty, delicious Chihuahua cheese (although spiced beef is also an option, making it Chile Relleno de Picadillo). It is then topped with the house-made salsa ranchero. The pepper itself definitely has a kick, but is expertly balanced out by its own sweetness, the creaminess of the cheese, and the savory flavors of the salsa. The accompanying rice and beans are a great way to draw out the flavors of each bite.

Nuevo Leon is located at 1515 W. 18th Street in Chicago. Check out their website.