Did You Read It Last Week?

wheat, farming, genetic modification, genetically modified Heard of the cronut? If not, give it a few days. According to The Observer, the hyper-speed tempo of modern-day food blogs sure can draw a lot of attention to new restaurants and trends, but not necessarily for the long-run and not necessarily for the better.

Is up always the way of the future? For farming, at least according to this NPR story.

Once again, Mark Bittman takes on the meat we eat, this time with an eye for the economics of what, how, and why we buy, and sixteen meals with smaller portions of meat. Do the same with a broccolini stir fry with beef and pasta with tuna.

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In some disturbing news, federal officials have found unapproved, genetically-modified wheat growing in Oregon. While it is entirely safe to eat, the find may hurt American wheat exporters.

Because who doesn’t need a little help keeping the kitchen clean?

Capturing another beautiful New York immigrant story, filmmaker Michael Levine documents the history of the Streit’s Matzo Factory and five generations of the family who owns it.