Design Your Own Shoes: Lines That Help You Show Off Your Creativity

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Imagine stepping into a shoe that not only perfectly forms to your feet but is one you designed, all while just staring at your laptop. The future of shoes is changing in that you will be able to custom design the style, color, and feel of your new kicks. It's all about encouraging every person's creativity and allows for a unique, personal twist on your next new pair of shoes.

Taking to the liking of designing your own shoes, check out Marcus' MOZO shoe line that provides chefs with the ultimate stylish, comfort shoe in the kitchen. The MOZO Chef Signature Collection is a collection of chef shoes created by various chefs such as Chef Chris Cosentino and Chef Aaron Sanchez, that are currently available on These shoes are not only uniquely designed chef shoes, but provide anyone who has to stand on their feet all day long with a sense of comfort in mind.

Check out some of the companies that enable you to customize your new kicks:

Nike: Nike, the king of all things related to new kicks has of course taken a liking to custom designing your own brand-spanking-new kicks. The beauty of Nike is that prior to customizing your new kicks, the website provides you with information on why that shoe is right for you. If you are in training or just want a leisure shoe, Nike has it all and so much more. Get ready to 'Be Like Mike' as you take to the shoe designing world just like Michael Jordan did.

Converse: Converse is all about gaining a little bit of inspiration when it comes to customizing your new Converse sneakers. The company encourages you to create your own sneakers with a customized note along the side or to choose from the seasonal sneakers that are ready to be customized to your liking. For around $60 you can customize your very own Converse shoes; how cool is that!

Vans: Vans is certainly an "Off The Wall" company where you literally choose from an array of Vans shoes that are hanging on their wall to custom design. The custom designing process enables you to choose your own designs for all parts of the shoe, or goes one step above and allows you to choose from designs already made. Let your friends get a say in if they are keen on your design, through the chat tool on the design page; just another way Vans creates a unique custom designing experience.

Reebok: Reebok is all about enabling you to create your perfect one-of-a-kind Reebok shoe in mere minutes. Reebok provides you with their basic shoe; all you have to do is jazz it up any way you like. With over 2 million people already having designed their own pair, you can be next to hop on the Reebok band-wagon as they are taking the custom shoe designing world by storm.

Shoes of Prey: Don't worry ladies the world of designing your own shoes is just not all about creating unique kicks, but also about how fashionably well you can design your next pair of heels. We all know how hard it is to find that perfect heel, so what better way to find the perfect pair of heels then to create your own. Using a step-by-step guide you can design your new heels within seconds.

Milk & Honey: Milk & Honey enables you to design your most elegant heel that you were inspired from the storefronts but just don't have the hundreds of dollars that the pair in the window costs. While you are designing your new pumps you can ask a stylist how to perfectly finish your heels. Follow their step-by-step guide and you will be happy you chose to customize a pair of pumps from here.

With new fashion trends springing up in a store near you, the way of the future is all about custom designing everything you purchase. Customizing your own shoes allow you to enjoy a pair of pumps, kicks, heels or sneakers for years to come, and of course allow you the bragging rights on how you created your new pair of shoes.

What would your pair of customized shoes look like?

Photo: lesleychoa