Delicious Healthy Brunch Recipes

From French toast to Bellinis, brunch is all too often an overly indulgent affair. But brunch can be delicious and diet-friendly, too! Try these healthy brunch ideas to make your day wake-up delicious and sensible.

Try an asparagus tart for a delicious, vegetable-packed recipe. Filled with tender asparagus spears, this healthy dish makes a nice addition to a spring brunch spread.

For an even healthier option, saute spinach, leeks, and carrots-focusing on fresh produce is a simple way to boost your brunch flavor. If you crave eggs for breakfast, this recipe for warm quinoa salad with spinach, poached eggs, and caramelized onions is a healthy alternative to eggs benedict. The eggs and quinoa give you a hefty-dose of protein, giving you energy to walk to your local farmers' market!

On the sweet side, go with whole-wheat. These pear scones taste even better because of that whole grain nuttiness. Rather than butter, spread on a little honey or some preserves. Date muffins are another nutritious choice, rich and full of flavor!

What's your favorite brunch recipe?