Decorating And Design Tips

Working in a stylish kitchen can make cooking more creative and fun. Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan talked with Lidia Bastianich in her Wall Street Journal article "Adding Style to a Kitchen" about decorating and design tips. Although Lidia likes to keep her counter spaces practical and uncluttered, she adds a little flair to keep things interesting. Along with a bright red oven and blender, she keeps a container of rainbow-colored cooking utensils "like a vase of flowers." I think Lidia's right on to try and express her personality in her kitchen. She displays antique linens and her espresso cup collection, but you can put out any decorative objects that appeal to you. Travel souvenirs and keepsakes make great displays.

I try to keep my kitchen lively with personal touches, and this piece gave me some great new tips to think about. Read the full article here.