Counting Down to Euro Cup 2012

As a huge soccer fan, I can’t wait until the UEFA Euro Cup kicks off this Friday. This year’s cup will be held in Poland and Ukraine, with the Ukraine playing for the first time ever in the Euro Cup. I’m rooting for Sweden of course, but I’m also excited to see other countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. If Spain wins again, it will be the first country to ever win two Euro Cups in a row and three international soccer cups in a row, after winning the FIFA World Cup two years ago.

This must be an exciting time for Ukraine since it is the first time it will be playing in the Euro Cup. It gets to share the stage with Poland in hosting this huge event and we’ll get the chance for a closer look at both these countries’ food, cultures and soccer fans. Both of these countries are rich in history and tradition, and from living in NYC, I get to encounter their food quite often. My favorite Polish dishes are bigos and pierogis. Either savory or sweet, Pierogis have a certain comfort feel to them. And because of the proximity of Poland and Ukraine, their national dishes (bigos for Poland and borscht for Ukraine) are very similar, both soups with sauerkraut and sausage. One aspect I also love about Ukrainian cuisine is their use of pickles; they rely heavily on pickled vegetables especially when they’re not in season, like we do in Sweden. I certainly plan to munch down on some of these favorites while I watch the tournament begin later this week.

For the next month, eight huge stadiums will await millions of fans in these two countries, with millions more like us who will be watching from home.  But there will be plenty places showing the games, if you’re looking for a place to watch in NYC. Here are a few places where to catch the games in the city, you just might find me at one of them cheering for my home country.

Who are you rooting to win for Euro Cup 2012?

Bars Showing Euro Cup 2012:

Felix Restaurant & Bar: 340 W Broadway, New York, NY. This European SoHo hang out will be showing all of the Euro Cup matches.

Tonic Bar: 727 7th Avenue, New York, NY. This huge bar has the capacity to fit over 600 soccer fans. With a $10 lunch special and 40 HD TV’s, sounds like the perfect place to watch.

Mustang Sallys: 324 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 Will be showing all matches with drinks specials and Euro-inspired food specials in addition to their regular menu.

Mustang Harry’s: 352 7th Avenue, New York, NY. They’ll be dedicating their entire upstairs sports lounge to the matches with rotating food and drink specials each day.

The Garden at Studio Square: One of Astoria’s biggest beer gardens will be showing every match on their huge HD screen.

Tempest Bar: 407 8th Ave, New York, NY. Showing every match with the sound turned up high.

Midtown 1015: 1015 2nd Avenue, New York, NY. This popular Midtown bar will also be showing the Euro Cup matches.

Photo:  nameswilson and  Photos by Mavis