Costa Rica's Greatest Export - Coffee

By Elizabetta Tekeste

A relatively new crop to Costa Rica, coffee production began in the late 18th Century. Farmers benefited from the bean's ability to withstand lengthy transport to foreign markets and production quickly surpassed tobacco, sugar and cocoa.

The climate and soil of Costa Rica is near perfect and cultivates beans that are a favorite with coffee aficionados and coffee houses worldwide. With the rising demand for specialty coffee micro lots continue to gain popularity in the "Rich Coast". The result is a wide range of flavor profiles from chocolate with ripe berries to citrus with floral bouquets. Their ability to increasingly yield flavorful beans with no defects has culminated in an elite class of wealthy producers. Immigrants from neighboring countries seek labor and higher standards of living through the coffee farms of Costa Rica.

According to Costa Rica's travel and tourism board, rapidly expanding urban communities are pushing the price of real estate up and coffee farmers to sell. One more change to contend with in an ever-changing world. I found this to be striking and an issue that deserves our conversation.

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