Cooking with Nina Persson for Gourmet Sweden Magazine

Recently I got to cook with famous singer Nina Persson from the world-wide acclaimed Swedish/Danish band The Cardigans for Gourmet Sweden Magazine. Nina and I not only share the home country of Sweden but also now the neighborhood of Harlem. She proudly calls Harlem home alongside her husband Nathan Larson and 1 year-old son, Nils.

We came together to cook for Gourmet Sweden Magazine and with a mission: to put together a dinner for two, plus a 1 year-old. But the greater challenge was to get her husband, Nathan to like fish. He's not a big fan of fish and our goal was to come up with something so tasty, it would change his mind. My aim was to help Nina bring out her husband's taste buds and make him like fish, or at least help.

We came up with a menu for a romantic dinner for two that included a Champagne Cocktail, Roasted Nuts, a Red Caesar Salad, Spinach Soup with Melon and Crab, Pomegranate Panacotta with a Basil Gele, and for the "piece de resistance": Grilled Fish with a Sour Tomato Broth. Needless to say, he loved the meal and after that, was a bit more open to eating other fish dishes. Glad to be of service, Nina!

Photos: Paul Brissman

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