Cooking Is An Essential Aspect Of Family Togetherness

In his last "Cooking with Dexter" column, Pete Wells affirms the need to cook with family. For two years, Wells has written about his cooking adventures with his son, but in this final installment, he laments how little he has actually cooked, with or without Dexter. This conclusion to "Cooking with Dexter" makes a heartfelt plea for finding time to cook.

Although Wells makes an effort to cook as much as possible with his family, he often comes home late from the office. Now that more parents work, cooking has become more difficult in America.

While Wells suggests that cooking is an essential aspect of family togetherness, he acknowledges how difficult it is to find cooking time. For Wells, his wife Susan helped fill in his cooking gaps. Above all else, Wells argues against eating "bad processed food" instead of cooking.

Reflective and hopeful, Wells's piece "The Very Busy Home Cook" is a poignant read. To hear the entire story, click here.