Many home cooks and even chefs have one cookbook they turn to with general kitchen queries.  It could be the classic Larousse Gastronomique, Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or the Joy of Cooking, chances are you might be due for an update. Stacy Finz of the San Fransisco Chronicle reviewed six new cookbooks that could be potential contenders for that coveted position of general food reference.

Good Housekeeping has released an updated version of their classic cookbook, and America's Test Kitchen offers two that would make great gifts.  The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook is on it's 15th edition.  In keeping with the recent resurgence in interest in preserving and DIY-projects, the book offers two chapters on canning and freezing

Amanda Hesser's recently released tome of recipes from the New York Times is chock-full of crowd-sourced recipes from the early days of that paper.  The book paints a picture of American tastes throughout the 20th century, and offers recipes that have endured, and those that remain obscure.

Most tantalizing of all is Bon Appetit's Desserts cookbook.  It is a compendium of desserts, rivaling any sweets-focused book before it.  It's filled with step-by-step instructions, shortcuts, and suggestions for adapting recipes that would improve the results of any baker.

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