Conversations with the First Lady

I truly enjoyed connecting with First Lady Obama earlier this year. It was exciting to hear her thoughts on improving how we eat, starting with our kids and schools. I share her goals and understand how important it is to begin healthy eating habits when you're young.

Growing up, my sisters and I rarely ate foods that were processed. My grandmother was old-school and made basically everything from scratch. Seeing her make our family meals and helping her prepare them, I was lucky enough to understand where our food came from at an early age. Today, our demanding work and school lives along with "convenience" foods have changed those values. It's apparent that initiatives like Let's Move are working to bring those traditions back with a fresher perspective, looking to the needs of today's families and I look forward to contributing to that vision.

I suggest starting simple: let your kids help you cook dinner this weekend when you have more time for messes and mistakes. They'll be proud of their meals and more eager to try something new if they played a part in making it.

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