Companies Embracing Street Food

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Walking into a corporate office or a small business lunch are certainly two extremes on what luncheons are. On the one end you have this lavish meal that extends the likes of the lunchroom and the other, a few boxes of pizza awaiting the luncheon employees. The corporate world, of course with their pockets filled to the brim, are able to provide meals to their employees daily, whereas small businesses don't have the luxury in doing so.  With today's Internet age, small businesses are now able to provide a delicious meal for less all because of Alex Lorton and Zach Yungst's online catering company, This new, innovative company based in San Francisco, creates simplified group and event ordering all the while ensuring companies won't break the bank for their next prestigious event of 500.

Noted in Damon Darlin's "The Middleman Is Thriving on the Internet," 'delivers food from food carts and small restaurants to businesses that aren't big enough to afford their own chefs.' The company focuses on embracing local restaurants and diving into social engineering where localism is certainly the thing of the future. They took to the streets to find local small restaurants and pop-up food carts were unable to develop catering connections in large businesses. And thus the Internet catering middlemen was created.

Lorton and Yungst developed easy navigational tools on to allow choice for corporate employees. With over 30 types of food from 70 vendors, one day a company can order a scrumptious barbeque meal from Dontaye Ball's Barbecue and the next some great Halal street food. With a variety of cuisines and a tracking system to see what each company prefers its no wonder the company is flourishing. With around 80 clients thus far, is changing the world of street food around America. Not only is the company developing ties with local restaurants and street vendors, but is doing so in a way that continually encourages companies to look to restaurants within their community for their next catered event.

Chefs in San Francisco are pleased to see new faces at their food stalls and restaurants as customers of are taking to the streets. Who would have thought that the corporate elite would be walking on the street eating a 'sophisticated' pulled-pork sandwich from their new favorite local food vendor? It's all thanks to, that localized restaurants are stepping into the corporate world.

Where do you usually eat your lunch, at the office or on the streets?

Photo: add1sun