Come Try Our House-Infused Aquavit at Red Rooster Tonight

A few weeks ago, we showed you how to make your own aquavit, a traditional Swedish infused vodka, right at home. Red Rooster's bar director Christian Post, helped us with this recipe and showed us step-by-step how to prepare this cherished Scandinavian spirit.

For those of you that have followed along with us and tried this recipe at home, we have an update on our aquavit progress.  After three weeks, our infusion process is complete with all three flavors (lemon, dill, and horseradish) set well into our vodka.

We first tasted our aquavit to see if the flavors were where we wanted them, that one ingredient didn't overpower the others. Since our measures of each ingredient was pretty balanced, our aquavit came out just as we wanted- with the first taste of horseradish followed by the citric taste of lemon and dill. Satisfied with our final outcome, we took our jar of aquavit into the kitchen to strain.

You then simply strain the aquavit and then using an automatic funnel, place it back into your recycled vodka bottles for storage.

Christian advises storing the bottles in the refrigerator and even the freezer to serve the aquavit ice cold later on. Because of the alcohol content , the aquavit will not freeze, although it might thicken a bit. Christian suggests to serve this as a shot for your guests, as Red Rooster will do tonight for all those joining us for our "Krawfish + Kraftor Party."

So stop by the Rooster tonight and join us for our special 4-course Crayfish-inspired menu and ask for a complimentary house-infused aquavit shot!

Hope to see you all there!

Photos: Cyndi Amaya