Come To Harlem For A Memorable Night

Memory is a funny thing. Is it just a remnant of something in the past, or does it work to remind us of who we are in the present? Memories are evoked with the chords of a song or with the whiff of a spice-whenever I smell berbere I'm transported back to my first trip to Ethiopia when I discovered the mixture for the first time. Memories can wash over us with warmth or they can give us a cold reminder that tugs at our hearts.

I'll be speaking about my own memories on Saturday, May 5th at the Pen World Voices Festival at the Schomburg Center and I'd love for you to join. They'll be readings from writers like Adam Mansbach, Sonia Sanchez (who is credited with being part of the Black Arts Movement), Tracy K. Smith, and Etgar Keret and we'll discuss the complexities and intricacies of memory.

Reading is the easiest way to travel and explore other countries and culture, and it's awesome to be a part of this festival. The Pen World Voices Festival is a great way to meet some prolific writers as well as some up-and-coming minds in the literary world. There are events all over the city this week, but I hope you can come uptown to check out what's going on around Harlem. Get tickets here and see you there!

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