Come Celebrate the 4th Annual Marcus Garvey Day Celebration 2011

Today, August 17, 2011, marks the 124th birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.  Dubbed the first national hero of Jamaica as a free country, Marcus Garvey lived nothing short of a spectacular life.  To celebrate his life, the Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement and the Afrikan International Merchants Agency will host the 4th Annual Marcus Garvey Day Celebration at the Marcus Garvey Park where there will be a parade, food, and music along with speeches by Reverend Dr. Herbert Daughtry, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, and more.

Born in Jamaica on August 17, 1887, Marcus Garvey Jr. quickly developed a love for reading in his father's extensive library.  He traveled to Costa Rica, Great Britain, and the United States.  After coming to the U.S. in 1916, Garvey worked as a printer by day, and gave speeches on public street corners by night.  He eventually worked his way to giving public lectures on black-American life and injustices within the American culture.  Garvey actively promoted social, political, and economic freedom for blacks and the Zionist or "Back-to-Africa Movement" urging people of African descent to visit their ancestral home.  As a sign of his commitment to the movement, Garvey worked as an editor of the Negro World newspaper for two years.

Later on in his life, Marcus Garvey Jr. founded the People's Political Party, Jamaica's first modern political party that focused on worker's rights, education, and aid to the poor.  He stayed active as a writer as well, touching on war-torn Ethiopia and the West Indies and educating the League of Nations and public on the ill-treatment of Africans throughout the world.

He died on June 10, 1940 after two strokes.  As you can witness today on Marcus Garvey Day, August 17th, Garvey's influence far surpasses his 53 years of life and will continue to inspire future generations. So if in Harlem, check out the Marcus Garvey Day Celebration, details are below:

Festival Begins: The Harriet Tubman School, 250 W. 127th Street at 10:00AM

Parade Assemble: Marcus Garvey Park at Fifth Avenue & 124th Street at 5:00pm

Parade Starts: Marcus Garvey Park & 121st Street

Time: Gather at 6PM

Directions: (#2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Trains to 125th Street

Organized By: The Afrikan Nationalist Pioneer Movement & The Afrikan International Merchants Agency

Photo: ecarmen2020