Combining Our Passions: Food and News

More and more, we see food in the forefront of news and publications. Apart from being a basic necessity, food culture is hitting the mainstream media. It's encouraging to see new publications coming out with food on their agenda. Just this week, Lucky Peach hit the stands and this season, Lapham's Quarterly was solely devoted to food. I'm excited to see what other publications begin to feature food as a main aspect on their agendas.

Similarly, when we started Food Republic, our sister site, we wanted to present a forward-thinking media outlet that stood apart from the normal recipe or restaurant review websites already on the Internet. Not only is Food Republic different because of its focus towards a male audience, but the site also touches on important and timely food news and even more importantly, food politics.

Food politics; as well as culture, humanitarian causes, and news; are what most interest me and help make up who I am as a chef and as a person. It gives me joy to include readers into what I'm doing and reading and hope to share more of that with you. As we change to include more of these vital topics in the food industry on our website here, we hope to offer you new views and stories that will keep you in the know about what we are most passionate about- food!

You will also get a glimpse into what really makes up my restaurant in Harlem, Red Rooster.  We will be featuring a new series on the decor and employees that make up the restaurant, to offer a behind-the-scenes view of what we had imagined for Red Rooster when we first opened.

Continue checking back to our timely food and culture stories that often affect all of us in some way, as well as upcoming events and causes that I'm involved in. Keep reading!