Cocktails Get A Cool Upgrade With Fancy Ice Cubes

Ice is hot right now at cocktail bars across the country. It's not just about the spirits or the mixers, which have been elevated from your standard well-vodka to premium and hard to find artisan liquors and straight from the market additions such as herb-infused freshly squeezed ginger juice, or red pepper puree. Now, these wizards of drinks are focusing on what keeps your cocktail cold: the ice. In many bars across the nation, ice is arriving in spheres, spears, and large cubes, with not so much as a bubble or cloud suspended within. This is achieved through chilling distilled water, and many bars have invested in the expensive Kold-Draft ice machine, which flushes out impurities in the water as it freezes the cubes. This machine has become the go-to ice machine for serious mixologists.

If it seems strange to you that bartenders are putting so much importance into ice, give some a thought. If the ice is impure, when it melts due to the surrounding liquid, it will lower the quality of your drink. The increased surface area of these new ice cubes allows for slower melting, future ensuring a great beverage.

Interested in making some sophisticated ice cubes at home? Follow the DIY instructions from the Wall Street Journal.

Do you like this new ice cube trend? Have you tried it at a bar?