CNN Eatocracy's Secret Supper at Red Rooster Harlem

Last night, Red Rooster Harlem was the host of the fourth edition of CNN's Eatocracy Secret Supper. The Secret Supper was an opportunity to hold a conversation with guests and fellow chefs about food and cultural identity, a subject that is incredibly important to me as a chef. Together with Chef Suvir Saran and Chef George Mendes, we created a meal that expressed our own cultural identities and inspired a brilliant discussion about how food shapes who we are. All week, Eatocracy has been serving up great articles about food and identity in America, with subjects ranging from cooking with Italian Grandmothers to the Chinese-American tradition of eating Dim Sum on Sundays. They also created a great video piece about cooking and cultural identity featuring me and fellow chefs John Besh, George Mendes, Andrew Zimmern, Michael Chiarello, Angelo Sosa, Richard Blais and Sang Yoon.

The culmination of this celebration of the rich American culinary tapestry was the Secret Supper, where we presented eaters with dishes ranging from country ham, pickled peaches, and fried okra, my homage to Harlem soul food, to a "bagel and lox" gazpacho, a nod to New York's Jewish heritage and my own Swedish roots.

I also served fried yard bird with liver ganache and pickled watermelon rind. Dessert was strawberry rhubarb crumble, whiskey fudge, and sweet potato doughnuts.

I was proud to be able to host such an inspiring event at Red Rooster. Thank you to CNN's Eatocracy for the opportunity! You can read more about the Secret Supper at Eatocracy's website.