Climate Change Affects French Wineries

Especially at this time of year, it seems that we could all benefit from more sunshine.  All, that is, but grapes destined to become wine in France.  It appears that global warming is bringing temperatures too warm, and excessive sunshine for the grapes.  Fickle weather is in fact better for the vintners.  The magic of turning grape into delicious juice relies on temperature fluctuations, which are essential to this process. The grapes are maturing too quickly, throwing off the balance between sugar and acid.  Interestingly, previous generations of growers made the decision to go to quicker yielding grapes, instead of traditional vines that matured more slowly, and would have done better in the changing climate.

The wine makers are afraid about the potential disaster global warming could wreak on the grapes.  Currently some wineries are looking at the varieties of grapes grown in warmer climates, such as Greece or Portugal.

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